The Divine Purpose Magazine is a growing, international online Christian magazine designed to help persons understand and walk in the divine purpose of God for their lives.

This issue highlights what God calls "The 2021 Mindset". He describes it by using this equation: FAITH + ACTION = MAKING A DIFFERENCE. This is the essence of James 2:15-17. No longer can we do things the same. God doesn't only want us to believe but He wants us to DO and USE what He has given us on the earth to bring into reality what we first saw in the spirit through our faith.

Are you ready to put action to your faith in 2021 and make a difference in your life and the lives of those who God brings your way? Are you ready to put legs to your faith and accomplish all that God has called you to accomplish?

In this first issue of 2021 you will be encouraged by great inspirational and teaching articles as well as stories of faith + action from persons around the world who believed they could and did what it took to make the difference in the lives of others, for the glory of God. They didn't just have faith but they added works to their faith in order make a difference in the world.

Kindest regards,

Vicki Olton


Divine Purpose Magazine

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