Spreading the Good News of the Gospel

In what I describe as BC and AC, before Covid and AC after Covid, life as we knew it came to a screeching halt, in this season of AC just coming out it we are all convinced that it was God who certainly saw us through and gave us the strength and courage to keep going.

In the mist of a Pandemic almost one year ago on June 30 2020, God raised up Virtuous Entertainment TV Network (VETN) and I must say we believed,  we obeyed and we trusted God. Even when the challenges came, we faced them head on and kept going.

We have Initiated a Sponsorship Drive

Your Sponsorship is needed to give VETN  the ability to continue to do all that it has done for communities far and near. Your Sponsorship is reaching across borders as we partner with organizations such a Resurrected Garvey Ministries in Jamaica and our Girls Rescue Mission in Kenya, to name a few, we are touching more lives than you could ever imagine, with each Container of goods that we ship to our outreach partners as well as Mentoring many young women, wives and mothers.

VETN is always at Work

VETN is assisting to mentor, train and develop the lives of young women through partnership mentoring Programs designed to make them intentional about their lives.

How can you Assist the Effort?

Please keep us in your prayers and volunteer if possible.

Fill out the Contact Form or upload a Testimony or word of encouragement

Sending an email to [email protected]

Facebook - Virtuous Entertainment TV Network (VETN)

Instagram - Vetn.Network

Email - [email protected]

Your Sponsorship will go a long to expand our outreach efforts. Please partner with us today, we thank you for

being a part of the VETN Family and may God bless You richly!


Credit or debit card payments can be made via any of the following methods:-

1)  Zelle to [email protected]

2) By credit or debit card to

3)   CashApp pay  to $Vrtue

Outreach in various Parishes in Jamaica, giving free items of clothing  through Resurrected Garvey Ministries, led by our Producer Stacy Ann Garvey, is an ongoing mission that occurs every month. Reaching out to those who need a helping hand.